eLearning Services

Techieee's offers bespoke eLearning Services that meet all your eLearning needs.
  • mLearning
  • Digital Publishing
  • Application Development
  • Game Based Learning Development
  • eBook Conversion 

We take pride in our highly experienced team of SME’s, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, eLearning Developers, Programmers and QA’s.

The interdisciplinary nature of our team brings expertise to building solutions, according to industry best practices, on multiple platforms, including open source technologies.

ELearning Services

There has been an aura of urgency for Educational, Corporate, Trade, Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers to increase their TTM (time to market) through new business models to create new revenue opportunities for their Web 2.0 strategy.

Our offerings in Digital Publishing are in-line with the above aspirations of our clients. Once we receive the input (content) from our client in any of the traditional versions, our technology experts convert those into Electronic Versions like E-Books, E-Magazines, CD ROM, and Electronic Journals etc. which would be compatible to any of the electronic distribution platforms.