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Techieee Solutions provides qualified staff for your organization. We examine suitable canidates that are intimately applicable to your business needs from the thriving talent available in the active and passive marketplace. Our service accomadates requirements for temporary, contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement by prescreening all of our canidates before we present them to your organization.

Framework Consultation

Creating best practices to resolve IT issues can be complicated. That is where our experts come in. We will evaluate your organizations strengths, weakness’s, opportunities for growth and not only provide IT support, but develop the work flow automation for your organization for future sustainability.


Our Support Now program is for clients who need immediate or On- demand attention . Email or call us for a consultation and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss the nature of your business needs. 1-800-860-2904


Techieee takes the time to understand the nature of your business and what methods will be implemented to reach your organizations business goals.

Techieee Solutions was established to ensure your firm is operating at the maximum potential without bleeding out unnecessary expenses. We offer premium white glove Trusted Adivsor service that will help your organization reach the desired business goals.

Techieee Solutions offers Cloud Computing with Software as a Service (Saas), Platform as a Service (Paas), and Infrastructure as a service (Iaas). Save up to 70% on infrastructure costs per year, and spend more time on innovation.

Techieee’s goal is to raise the benchmark of technical support. Where most companies stop at providing the expected task of staffing, supporting and troubleshooting issues, Techieee continues to ask the questions that will make your organization highly effective.

- Are you operating at the maximum efficiency?

-Does your company obtain the proper tools to meet the business mission and continue to improve?

-Are you managing your risk in line with your business needs?

-Has your current framework been analyzed systematically to ensure that the customer experience is optimized, and foremost metrics are transcending into Business Intelligence and displaying the max cash value?

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